A New Theory of Gravitation and its Quantization.pdf

A New Theory of Gravitation and its Quantization PDF

Hartwig Poth

With de Broglie, mass is regarded as an oscillator within a unit volume as a proper time density (cf. equation 9, p.5) being a Lorentz scalar. That can be regarded as the source of the gravitational potential being also a Lorentz scalar. In classical physics gravitation thus becomes relativistically velocity dependent (cf. equation 24, p.7). The perihelion movement of Mercury follows from that in line with the results from Einstein’s theory of general relativity. The orbital periods of planets and hence spacecraft flybys are shortened by a corresponding extent. The geodesic precision and the frame dragging effect as observed by the Gravity B Probe follow also. There is a gravitational monopole radiation and quasi multipole radiation of the same magnitude as from Einstein’s theory of general relativity. The spin of the new gravitational field is zero in that classical theory. The calculation of the absolute Shapiro delay is amended. Moreover, with the Dirac equation a relativistic quantum mechanical equation of gravitation is obtained (cf. equation 192, p.33) which in the classical limit coincides with the new classical theory. Also a quantum mechanical equation of gravitation for the photon is obtained (cf. equation 211, p.35) which yields the correct deflection of light under gravitation. The Lorentz scalar gravitational potential can be readily quantized (cf. equation 233, p.39) and its quanta can be called gravons.

16 Jul 2018 ... The theory of manifestly-covariant quantum gravity (CQG-theory) recently proposed in a series of papers (see Refs. [1–6]) provides a possible ...

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Sofya Voigtuh

But it is not changing the light speed. Gravitation is not a real force. Space-time is flat, not curved. There not exists black hole, but have empty hole. Under weak gravity, new gravitation is equivalent to the General Relativity. But even under weak gravity, if orbit has higher eccentricity, there exists obvious difference between the two theories. So we can test the new theory within the SL(2,C) Gauge Theory of Gravitation and the …

Mattio Müllers

Cosmology with Bounce by Flat Space-Time … General relativity predicts a singularity in the beginning of the universe being called big bang. Recent developments in loop quantum cosmology avoid the singularity and the big bang is replaced by a big bounce. A classical theory of gravitation in flat space-time also avoids the singularity under natural conditions on the density parameters.

Noels Schulzen

23 Jun 2019 ... In this way we are able to quantize a series of end results in Newton and Einstein's gravitation theories. The formulas will still give exactly the ...

Jason Leghmann

It is easy to check that the coordinate representation of the operator pˆ=! i ∂ ∂q (4.28) and the coordinate operator ˆq satisfy the commutation relation [ˆq,pˆ]=i!. 4.2 Canonical Quantization in Field Theory We will now apply the axioms of Quantum Mechanics to a Classic al Field Theory. The result will be a Quantum Field Theory. For

Jessica Kolhmann

The quantum gravity program seeks a theory that handles quantum matter fields and gravity consistently. But is such a theory really required and must it involve ...