We love this plant

Zanzibar Gem

We love this plant.  It has glossy green leaves, is happy anywhere inside and thrives on neglect.  What more could you ask of an indoor plant?

Pair it with a gorgeous pot, and place front and centre on your desk or coffee table.

It will grow anywhere inside or in the shade, even in those dark corners that every other plant seems to fail. Keep them small or let them grow wild, you can control their size by the size of their pot.

Makes the perfect gift for the plant killers out there.

Water sparingly, once a month is fine, even less when it is cold.  Use a slow release fertiliser, like Osmocote in the spring, and re-pot when you see or feel a slight bulge in the pot.

Here is some inspiration from the internet, we don’t have the pots featured in stock but we will definitely has something that suits your style and space!