Natives to love

Winter is the time when many natives really start to shine, especially Grevilleas. We love watching birds drooping upside down enjoying their flowing nectar. Here is our selection of natives, this years favourites.


Grevillea Loopy Lou
A showy Grevillea that will flower nearly all year round. Flowers begin as a pale yellow and then age pink to red. Use as a low filler plant in the garden as this Grevillea will spread to 1.5m wide. Tolerant of light frosts and dry conditions. Height to 50cm.


Grevillea elegance

Grevillea Elegance
Makes a lovely dense screening plant. Elegance will grow to 4m high and 4m wide. The pink-red blooms are produced on the ends of the slightly arching branches. It has glossy finely divided foliage. Available in a grafted form. Height 4m


Grevillea ivory whip

Grevilleas Ivory Whip
If you’re looking for a Grevillea that will flower nearly all year round, then go no further than Ivory Whip. The dense white flowers make for excellent cut flowers. This medium shrub is great for attracting birds, bees and other beneficial insects. Height to 2m.


Grev Firesprite

Grevillea Firesprite
Excellent informal hedging or screening plant.  Fast growing with bright red flowers in early winter through to late summer.  Dark green deeply lobed foliage.  Height to 3m.


Grevillea Sylvia

Grevillea Sylvia
Vibrant deep pink brush type blooms contrast against the silvery blue foliage of this tall growing grevillea. Fast growing and can be used for screening or as a small feature tree in the garden. Height 3m.



Grevillea Peaches and Cream
A cross between Grevillea banksii and G. bipinnatfida this chance seedling was found in a garden just south of Brisbane. The long blooms open pale yellow and as the flower ages tones of pink and orange. Height 1.2m.

Grevillea Orange Marmalade

Grevillea Orange Marmalade
A chance seedling found in a garden in Burbank, Brisbane.  A cultivar of Grevillea venusta, with lovely orange flowers that resemble the colour of marmalade.  Dark green foliage.  Height to 2.5m.


Robyn Gordan

Grevillea Robyn Gordon
This grevillea was a chance seedling found by the plant collector David Gordon in his garden Myall Park in Glenmorgan, Queensland, and named after his daughter Robyn. Beautiful red flowers bloom all year round, this tried and tested Grevillea is one of our favourites. Height to 1.5m.



Grevillea Liliane
Dainty pink and cream spider like flowers and bottle green narrow foliage on weeping branches. This Grevillea is ideal in rockeries or as a feature in native gardens. Also suitable for large containers. Height .5m to 1m by 1-2 wide.


Grevillea Cooroora Cascade

Grevillea Cooroora Cascade
Vigorous ground cover with bright yellow flowers up to 20cm long. Delicate silvery grey fine foliage. Excellent for planting on steep banks or retaining walls. Height 30cm by 3m wide.


Baecka 'Mount Tozer' 2

Baeckea Mt Tozer
A dense shrub with glossy green foliage and sprays of dainty white flowers, through the summer months. Can be clipped into a low hedge. Height to 1m.



Commonly known as native sarsaparilla, this vigorous climber is adorned with purple pea like flowers at the end of winter. Many new varieties are available now, in a range of colours including purple, white and pink. Mini Ha Ha is a small shrub growing to 50cm with dark purple flowers and dark green foliage. Meema is a new variety, with lime green foliage and purple flowers, it can be grown as a ground cover with a spread of 2m, or it also has the ability to climb if given the chance. Happy Duo is a vigorous fast growing climber with both purple and white flowers, perfect for growing over a pergola.


Ozothanmnus Rice Flower

Ozothamnus Rice Flower
Rice flowers make a fabulous cut flower, with a long vase life. Available in white, pink and coral this compact shrub is native to SE Queensland. Very easy to grow and drought tolerant. Height to 2m


Callistemon Slim

Callistemon Slim
Perfect for narrow areas, this new Callistemon produces a large number of red flowers from spring through summer and into autumn. Use as a hedge or screen planting in tight areas. Suits most soil types, and is frost and drought tolerant. Height to 3m.



Leptospermum Cardwells
Leptospermums or Tea Trees come in many forms. Cardwell is particularly special. The long arching branches are covered in white blooms in late winter early spring, making this plant truly show stopping. Also available in a pink form. Very hardy once established. Height to 3m.


Eremophila Nivea

Commonly known as ‘Emu Bush’ there are over 200 species recognised within Australia. From low growing shrubs to small trees. Many have soft grey green foliage and flowers can range from whites to creams, pinks to purples and even oranges and reds. One of our favourites is Eremophila nivea (grafted form) with silvery white foliage and purple flowers. The grafted form is more tolerant of our climate, but still requires well drained soil. Can be grown in a large pot.


Lomandra shara

Lomandra Shara
Delicate fine blue grey foliage with masses of yellows blooms that sit above the foliage. This Lomandra is suitable to our subtropical climate and with soft foliage is very kid friendly. Use as a border plant, or in containers. This plant has been rated as a top performer in roof top gardens. Full sun to part shade. Height to 50cm.



Banksia Cherry Candles
Large red and golden ower blooms are a favourite of the honeyeaters. Plants will flower in their first year, however after 5 years the plants will be producing 20 to 30 flower spikes. Plant in full sun in a well-drained position. Perfect in pots. Height 45cm.



Casuarina Cousin It
A form of Casuarina glauca, Cousin It mounds from its main stem to 30cm high and then cascades with branches of fine needle like foliage. Foliage can grow up to 1-1.5m long. Creates a thick matt of foliage, it works well as a ground cover helping to suppress weeds and retain moisture
in the ground. Perfect for growing over retaining walls, or use in a tall planter. Height to 30cm and 1m wide.



A fast growing groundcover available in a range of colours from white, pink, blue and purple. This showy groundcover looks great in any garden, pot or hanging basket.