Natives for Small Gardens

There are many native plants that suit a small garden, and with the use of layering you can incorporate many different species. Start with choosing a taller feature tree or shrub.


Many of the larger growing Grevilleas make beautiful feature specimens, if clipped up to create a tree shape.  Try Grevillea Moonlight, Sylvia or Orange Marmalade, these will grow to 3-4m in height very quickly.

If you are looking for a larger tree, Tristaniopsis Luscious is a new form of Tristaniopsis it has large lush green foliage with red new growth.  Growing to 7-10m in height it is ideal for street planting or larger gardens.  It has small yellow perfumed flowers and the dark maroon coloured bark peels back to expose a lovely cream coloured truck.

Choose the next layer of plants, to go in the garden space, plants that grow about 1 to 2 metres in height.  Again the choice of Grevilleas is extensive some of our favourites are Robyn Gordon, Coconut Ice, Lady O and Peaches and Cream.  There are also many Callistemons that will grow to this height, try Captain Cook, White Anzac or Hot Pink.


Try Hovea, with its purple pea like flowers or Ozothamnus Rice Flower, with its white flower that last for months.

The final layers include low grasses and groundcovers.  Grasses will give a garden movement and texture, there are many native grasses that range from 30cm to 1.5m in height.  We love Lomandra Little Cricket for its lush green foliage, and Lomandra Shara for its fine silver grey weeping foliage.  Groundcovers can be used to cover areas quickly, or to hang over retaining walls, try Casuarina ‘Cousin It’ the needle like foliage cascades up to 1m. To add a splash of colour, try Brachycome daisies or Scaevola. Both of these plants came in blue, purple, pink and white flowering forms.

The final touches to a garden, are the still pieces.  Be it a few large rocks, a low bird bath or perhaps a piece of garden art, whatever your choose is remember to have a spot to sit and enjoy your garden.