Highly recommended plants

Designed by Sidonie Carpenter this garden uses a mix of natives and exotics in a relaxed formal planting style. Larger trees are planted at the back to screen and dotted at the front for interest.

Renee is standing in front of a Randia fitzlanii a fabulous feature tree for smaller gardens with an excellent shape.

Please come to view the garden, the staff can answer any questions you may have.

Plants that can be found through-out the gardens…

Bromeliad assorted

Philodendron selloum

Alpinia zerumbet varigata

Gardenia florida

Dietes bicolour and grandiflora

Blue Cane Palm

Zamia furfuracea

Michelia Coco

Magnolia Little Gem

Lomandra hystrix

Randia fitzlanii

Plumeria pudica

Alcantaraea Silver Plum

Viburnun Emerald Lustre

Aloe species

Russelia Tangerine Falls

Crassula ovata