The kitchen garden is a fabulous demonstration space and a working garden for Wild Canary. It’s a pleasure to see the kitchen staff collecting herbs, greens and edible flowers in the morning for the days service.

Chef Glen Barratt from Wild Canary work with our horticulturists to decide what to plant. We plant the same plant varieties as local farmers to demonstrate what can be grown. This gives a true indication of when produce is available. The garden is looked after using organic, permaculture and biodynamic principals. The gardens are an ever-changing entity and showcasing seasonal plants that you can purchase from the nursery and plant in your garden at home.

The kitchen garden, designed by Sidonie Carpenter – Landscape Designer, is made up of four main beds, 2.6 metres wide, by 12 metres long. Along with a good quality vegetable soil mix we have also used Rockypoint Active8 and Rockypoint Cow Manure. The soil has been blended with Hydrocel, a product that helps to retain moisture and increase nutrient availability, which helps to grow robust plants. All the beds are mulched with a generous thick cover of sugar cane to keep moistureand to also feed the soil as it decomposers. The garden is fertilised on a regular basis with a mixture of Powerfeed and Seasol to give them some extra nourishment. All these products are available through Brookfield Garden Centre.