Succulent LOVE


Succulent LOVE

Want a plant that looks good with minimal care?  Try growing succulents, there is one for every position. With a little bit of know-how you will have a beautiful healthy collection of succulents.

Let’s think about climate: succulents love the dry.  This makes them perfect to grow in pots, hanging baskets or raised garden beds where the moisture drains away quickly.

If planting in pots, use a cactus and succulent potting mix to ensure that your plants don’t get wet feet.  This type of potting mix has a high percentage of sand to assist with drainage.

Now for the sun: most succulents will grow happily in half to a full day of sun.  If you want to keep succulents indoors, find a position that is well lit or has some direct sun.  Also as a general rule of thumb choose plants with dark green foliage as these will tolerate the low light positions better. Try some of the Aloes or Haworthias.

Low bowls make great planters for succulents, giving you the opportunity to create a work of art by multi-planting.  Alternatively, create a collection of pots of varying heights and fill with your favourite succulents.

If you plants become too crowded in their pots, simply divide or take cuttings to replant.

Keep your succulents looking great with a slow release fertiliser such as Osmocote every six months.  Also, if you are growing flowering forms of succulents the addition of a liquid fertiliser (like Powerfeed) during the flowering season will be beneficial.



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