Rose care

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Rose care

How to plant roses with Renee Holbrook

How to care for winter roses with Renee Holbrook

Plant your roses in full sun in soil improved with compost and/or cow manure.

After planting, water in well as this will help reduce transplant stress and help new roots to develop. It is not recommended that you fertilise at planting time.

Until your roses are established, water your roses twice a week or as weather conditions dictate.

Remember to mulch your roses to retain moisture and help suppress weeds.

In Spring, Summer and Autumn fertilise with Sudden Impact for roses.  This food contains exactly what your roses need for healthy growth and is recommended by the Rose Society of Australia. Healthy roses will stand up to pest and disease attack better and give you many more beautiful blooms.

Remember to keep on top of pest and disease in your roses. Ask our friendly staff about the best ways to manage these.

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