Post rain garden goals


Post rain garden goals

Alex is busy in the garden making the most of the rain. Here are his top jobs for taking advantage of the wet weather.


WEEDING | Now that the soil is lovely and soft, weeding will be a much easier job. Try using a daisy weeder to get all of the roots out.


PRUNING | Now is the time to prune back any plants that have just finished flowering. As a general rule of thumb, prune by a third.


PLANTING | Digging is easy while the soil is damp and plants are easier to establish. Plant summer herb and vegetable crops now.


MULCHING | Trap all of the wonderful moisture that is in the soil by laying a thick layer of mulch. What mulch is right for you? Take a look here.


FERTILISE | All of your plants will be actively growing with the recent rain. Take this time to spread fertiliser around the garden and the lawn to encourage lush summer growth.

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