Planting Bagged Roses


Planting Bagged Roses

Planting your Bagged Roses ~ A simple guide to follow

Choose a sunny position. Check the soil pH prior to planting. Roses like a pH neutral soil between 6 and 7. Enrich your soil with cow manure or Active 8 prior to planting.

Cut the bag away from the rose, place the rose into a bucket filled with a diluted Seasol solution and soak for an hour prior to planting.

Prune the roses back hard, cut back to 100-150mm from the graft. This will help to reduce the risk of die back.

Create a slurry
Dig a hole and fill with water. Back fill with soil to create a slurry. This will eliminate any air pockets and ensure the soil is completely wet.

Plant your rose, keeping the graft well above the soil level. Water in with a Seasol solution, this will help to reduce the stress of planting. Do not fertilise your roses at the time of planting.

We recommend Lucerne around your roses, this will suppress weeds and help maintain an even soil temperature and moisture.

Water every few days with a good soak. It will take about 6 to 8 weeks for your newly planted roses to establish.

Once established feed your roses, every autumn, spring and summer with Sudden Impact for Roses for great results.

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