Our Top 10 indoor plants

Our Top 10 indoor plants

Thanks for everyone who came along to the ‘How to’ workshop on Indoor Plants this morning.

Here are our top 10 indoor plants –

1. Zanzibar Gem

* Thrives on neglect, full shade to a small amount of morning sun

2. Dracaena Janet Craig

* Another one that thrives on neglect, full shade

3. Aspidistra

* Cast Iron Plant – called this for a reason

4. Spathyphyllum

* Peace Lilly – morning sun or full shade

5. Pothos

* Easy hanging plant or for training up a totem

6. Syngonium

* Very hardy hanging plant – great in urns or baskets

7. Bromeliad

* Long flowering, brightly lit

8. Anthurium

* Flamingo flower – morning sun or full shade

9. Ficus Allii

* Tall growing can be used in sun or shade, very hardy

10. Philodendron Congo

* Wide, huge leaf – stunning feature plant

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