Moo Poo Magical Poo $5 a bag!

Moo Poo Magical Poo $5 a bag!

Until stocks run out – now $5 per bag! That’s half price 🙂

Cow manure is a brilliant nutrient enriched product for your garden. It provides a balanced and readily available nutrient-rich soil conditioner. Composted cow manure is a form of organic matter and can be added to all soil types prior to planting or to recondition the soil and supply much needed nutrients to plants.

* It is a natural cattle manure, and very low in odour.
* It is a great retainer of moisture for the soil.
* Improves the soil structure and encourages earth worms.
* Is environmentally friendly.

This cow manure is fully composted, not pellatised. The composting process of this product takes approximately 4 months where the temperature is monitored along with regular sampling so that any adjustments of the composting process can be made. The matured cow manure is then screened and packed into a quality package.

Apply Organic Cow Manure to approx 4m2 then mix into the top approx 100mm of soil with fork.

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