How to prepare a bed for rose planting

How to prepare a bed for rose planting

Step 1. Choose a nice sunny position in the garden. NB: We’ve previously mulched this area and have just pulled back some mulch to demonstrate preparing your rose bed for winter planting.

Step 2. Try and keep the dog out of the way… Bungy here is attracted to the luscious smell of well rotted cow manure.

Step 3. Dig in well rotted manure or compost. We’ve chosen cow manure (currently on special 3 for $25). You could also sprinkle in some extra goodness like Sea Mungus. Composted Seaweed product made from fish, seaweed, humic acid and manure. This product is great for creating soil activity.

Step 4. Add 10cm of mulch, lucerne is fantastic as it is higher in Nitrogen than other mulches. Make sure you water in well or finish just before it starts to rain!

Step 5. Stand back and be impressed by your work. You now have to wait for that to brew about 3-6 weeks ideally before you plant your roses.

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