Garden Features ~ inspiration and ideas

Garden Features ~ inspiration and ideas

Garden features are a must for any intriguing garden and with a little thought they can add substance and character. Placement is key, think about how the object draws the eye to a particular spot. Try something unexpected, the element of surprise is what grabs the attention.

1000px black atlantis

Alibaba Urn Small $279    Large $349

1000px glazed urn

Classic Garden Urn available in cream, red, blue and charcoal $249

1000px rust rings

Metal Rings: small $49.95, medium $99.95, large $149.95 and extra large $199

1000px bali carved

Carved Bowls from $199

1000px 3 bali ladies

Bali Statues starting from $349

1000px cast dog

Cast Iron Dog $149

1000px iron chooks

Cast Iron Rooster $129 and Hen $79.95

1000px bali bench

Bali bench $599






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