Dry warmer conditions ~ what to do in the garden

Dry warmer conditions ~ what to do in the garden

With the temperature going up and the conditions staying dry it’s important to keep moisture in the soil.

Water early in the morning and make sure you have a good coverage of mulch. Deep soaking watering is a better way to water trees and shrubs.

Keep an eye on the veggie patch, especially the greens and lettuces in the heat, you may need to cover them with some shade cloth. Use Seasol regularly as a foliar spray to help keep plants form becoming stressed in the warmer weather.

Give citrus trees in the ground a good deep soak weekly to prevent fruit drop. Remember the warm wind can be very drying to your pots and hanging baskets. If doing any planting, use hydrocell in the bottom of the hole this is great for moisture holding or use our own potting mix it has all the added extras you need for moisture holding.

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