Decorate in a rustic way

Decorate in a rustic way

Wreaths start at $59.95. All our wreaths are handmade by Robin & Renee.

Lovely white jugs look great with just some old branches popping out and a few simple decorations.

We use gum nuts and anything else we can find form the garden to give a rustic earthy feel.

Scatter around some pine cones….

Silver trim wreath $ 59.95 Handmade and unique.

Use a bare wreath and tie some ribbon on. Sometimes less is more.

Decorative pears large $ 39.95 small 24.95

Solid gorgeous bells, last for generations.

Tie them on the tree with some ribbon $ 24.95 each.

Keep it simple. Decorator pots $14.95.

Try some greens…

Try a Mandevilla to bring some red and green into your home.

There are plenty of lovely natives in flower, plant in the garden later on.

Simple white doves, $ 4.95 each.

Decorate a dead branch, very easy and makes such a wonderful contrast against a white wall.

Happy decorating!

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