Create Interesting Natives Gardens in Pots


Create Interesting Natives Gardens in Pots

Many native plants grow very successfully in pots.  Pots give plants excellent drainage, so this means that many of the natives that may find our soils difficult to grow in, will love growing in a pot.

Select the largest pot you can fit in the area you want to place the pot, then start looking for plants.  It could be just a feature specimen in a pot, or it could a few plants to create a lovely little garden.

Low bowls can be used for mass plantings, try Kangaroo Paw, Brachyscome Daisy or simply Lomandra Shara.

Use ground covers in tall pots, the will give the plants plenty of space to hang.  Try Casuarina Cousin It, or Scaevola.  These plants can also be used to under plant larger growing plants.

In large wide planters, try a mix planting.  Plant in multiple of 3, and use the plant selection of a bushy plant, a strappy grassy plant and a spilling plant (groundcover)  this combo will ensure a dramatic planting.

Also use the best quality potting mix, we recommend the Brookfield Potting Mix.  Trim plants lightly after flowering, and fertiliser with a slow release fertiliser 3 times a year.

Most importantly remember to keep the pots watered, particularly during the summer months.  These plants don’t require much watering in the ground, however in pots they will not like to dry out.


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