Camellias – A garden classic

Camellias – A garden classic

Camellias are one of the garden classics.  The simplicity of the dark green glossy foliage with the delicate blooms make these plants a must in any garden.

Camellias are very versatile plants, they can be used in hedge planting, for a small specimen tree and even grow beautifully in pots.

They are hardy plants and relatively trouble free, proving beautiful floral displays for many years.

There are two main varieties of Camellias that grow well in Brisbane- Sasanqua and Japonica

Sasanquas are the first to start flowering, generally from March through to June. They grow and flower best in a full sun position.  The flowers are smaller than Japonicas, generally 5 to 9cm and come in range of colours from pure white through to pink and reds.  Sasanquas make excellent hedges and can also be used for espalier or topiaries.  They respond well to pruning.

Japonicas prefer some shade to protect the winter blooms and leaves from scorching.  The flowers range in colour from pure white through to pinks and reds.  The flower form can be quite stunning with formal doubles, semi doubles, single and peony forms.  Japonicas generally flower through the winter months.  Use in mass plantings, or as a single specimen.

Before planting, we recommend to check the pH level of the soil, Camellias prefer a slightly acidic soil generally around 5 to 6.

Camellias also like good drainage, heavy wet soils will lead to root rot.

Feed Camellias with Camellia and Azalea fertiliser during spring and early autumn.

Prune Camellias straight after flowering.

These pictures of blooms are from our current floor stock – taken Tuesday 9th May, so they may sell out.

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