We have started on our journey to be more sustainable.

This encompasses many facets of the business, from where we source our plants and products to the philosophy and type of gardening that we encourage. We stock a large range of organic products to control pests and weeds and promote an organic alternative to chemical use.

The nursery has also strongly promoted no-dig organic gardens and sustainable vegetable gardening. Both these topics have been supported with specific workshops to help our clients understand the benefits of such practices. We host backyard chicken workshops, numerous vegetable gardening workshops, natives workshop, an organic gardening workshop and a fruit trees workshop promoting organic methods.

A new Water Recycling System has recently been installed. Water is stored in two tanks holding 50,000 Litres. Rainwater is also collected from the roof of the existing shade and growing sheds. Runoff water is collected via a pit and recycled to the filtration unit, which contains sand filters, cloth filters and automatic chlorine injection. The system is fully automatic. This system will not only save water but also keep nutrients contained within the system.

We advise our clients on the benefits of organic matter, water retention products and mulch. Sustainability has been promoted through the use of newspaper and biodegradable bags and the recycling of boxes and cartons for customer use.  Environmentally friendly hessian bags have also been used at special events promoting the nursery via a logo printed on the side of the bag.

Finally, there have been huge inroads into cleaning up the nursery site (outside of the nursery proper) with the removal of masses of rubbish left by previous management.  We have also embarked on a clean-up of the bordering creek. Some large ‘weed’ trees have been removed from the creek and we have replanted the gardens aligning the creek since the flood.

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