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Tough indoor plants

Ann Marie has some great suggestions for indoor plants.
1. Syngonium Pixie, small plant for bathroom or a small spot.
2. Sanseviera Trifasciata (very tough)
3. Zamioculcas zamiifolia (super duper tough)
4. Aspidistra elata (very tough)

Maidenhair ferns

The quintessential indoor plant.  Everyone should have at least one maidenhair fern in their lives. The lovely lacy foliage and lush lime green colour...

Succulent LOVE

Want a plant that looks good with minimal care?  Try growing succulents, there is one for every position. With a little bit of know-how...


This year we are again supporting beyondblue through the Garden RELEAF initiative taking place on Sunday 19th March. This industry initiative is to help...

We love this plant

Zanzibar Gem We love this plant.  It has glossy green leaves, is happy anywhere inside and thrives on neglect.  What more could you ask...


Gardenias are the scent of summer, the heady fragrance appears stronger in the early evening. With the classic glossy green leaf and the pure...


A tropical icon! The hibiscus flower is the hero of tropical gardens. They are well suited to our sub-tropical climate and with so many...
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