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Tough indoor plants

Ann Marie has some great suggestions for indoor plants.
1. Syngonium Pixie, small plant for bathroom or a small spot.
2. Sanseviera Trifasciata (very tough)
3. Zamioculcas zamiifolia (super duper tough)
4. Aspidistra elata (very tough)

Kids Workshop Bug Hotel

Come and build a bug hotel and paint a picture with natural dyes and glues, adding some bee and butterfly attracting seeds to your...

Create Interesting Natives Gardens in Pots

Many native plants grow very successfully in pots.  Pots give plants excellent drainage, so this means that many of the natives that may find...

Natives for Small Gardens

There are many native plants that suit a small garden, and with the use of layering you can incorporate many different species. Start with...

Natives to love

Winter is the time when many natives really start to shine, especially Grevilleas. We love watching birds drooping upside down enjoying their flowing nectar....

Kids Workshops – Create a garden echidna

Kids get to make their very own echidna for the garden using air drying clay and found natural objects. To add their own unique...

This seasons roses

The below roses are from this years premium bagged/bare root rose selection. Please book your roses either by email ( or phone 3878 7739...
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